Mirrors – The Light Reflection Puzzle Game v1.0 – Android Mirror and Light Reflection Puzzle Game + Trailer
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Mirrors – The Light Reflection Puzzle Game is an incredibly beautiful puzzle and intellectual game with unique design and construction for Android, made by Monocool Interactive game studio and offered for $3.99 on Google Play. By installing Mirrors – The Light Reflection Puzzle Game on your Android tablet or phone and then running it, you will embark on an extraordinary journey to ancient Egypt! You are tasked with finding the treasures of ancient Egypt, and now you have to search hundreds of tombs and use reflection of light to reach your goal. You are faced with multiple mirrors and special treasures that you must strive to reach the gold, reflect the light available on the screen in the available mirrors, then obtain them and go from one tomb to another with reflection. By touching each of these mirrors and light sources, you can rotate them, and then with a single touch, you can change the direction of the light source to reach your goal, which is to reach the treasures. The game is excellently designed and constructed in relation to its small size and certainly impresses puzzle game lovers.


Mirrors - The Light Reflection Puzzle Game


The game Mirrors – The Light Reflection Puzzle Game has not had any sales until now, while you are reading and downloading it on Usroid, and you will be one of the first global users to experience it. Like other games available on Usroid, this game has also been tested by us and runs without any problems. You just need to spend a little time at the beginning of the game to understand how to play it! 🙂

* The release of the first version of the game on Google Play