MobiDic Guitar Chords v2.6 The Complete Visual Dictionary App for Guitar Chords, Specifically for Android
The Professional Version of the App with Access to All Features and Capabilities

Learning chords is one of the most important and fundamental stages of learning guitar. In fact, playing different songs by combining learned chords is possible, and if chords are not learned well, the student can never become a good guitarist. The word chord means balance. Chord refers to playing several notes simultaneously. Chords are used to create harmony in music. In other words, when several sounds are heard together at the same time, it is called a chord. Chords are made to match the musical keys and are usually seen in string and keyboard instruments. Nowadays, many songs are played with chords. If you are a beginner in guitar playing and do not have mastery over chords and keep forgetting it, or if you want to always have the correct way of playing chords with you, be sure to install and use the application we introduce today. MobiDic Guitar Chords is the title of a complete chord dictionary with the display of how to play chords and their sound playback, specifically for the Android operating system, which has been developed and released for free on Google Play by the software group BrainSides. This program is one of the top educational software for guitar enthusiasts. In this amazing package, more than 5000 different chords for acoustic and electric guitars are included, along with their sound, so that guitar students do not need any other application. It is interesting to know that this amazing application has been approved and appreciated by prominent guitar players such as Yamandu Costa, Nelson Faria, Daniel Sa, and Gustavo Assis-Brasil.

Some of the features and capabilities of the MobiDic Guitar Chords Android app:

  • The possibility of searching for chords by list (root + type), for example: F maj7
  • The ability to select different chord forms, such as Fmaj7 and Cmaj7
  • The ability to search for chords through the application’s search section without the need to type the full name of the chord
  • Visual display of finger placement for playing each chord along with playing the sound of that chord
  • Display of guitar with marked dots for placing fingers on the strings
  • Finding the name of a chord by touching the virtual guitar strings available in the application
  • Very professional, beautiful and non-intrusive user interface
  • High quality of recorded sounds

MobiDic Guitar Chords application is a very useful program for all music students, especially those interested in learning guitar professionally. This application will greatly help you in learning chords accurately and professionally by displaying the principles of chords. Whenever you forget a chord, simply play a part of the chord with the virtual guitar in the application to display related chords based on existing similarities. MobiDic Guitar Chords has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play. You can now download the professional version of this app for free from Usroid.


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