Mobile Observatory 2 – Astronomy is the most complete and best astronomy software available for the Android operating system , which we recommend to all people interested in astronomy. This app is offered by Wolfgang Zima Studio for $ 4.49 on Google Play. At your request, we have released the latest update for download, and you can download it with one click from the high-speed servers of your site! With this application, you will be able to observe the stars and see everything in the sky, from the moon to meteors and celestial bodies, and read information about them. Would you like to know how long the eclipse or comet is visible in your area? Would you like to know about celestial events !? With the programYou can easily view these events and be informed about them! A wide range of different capabilities are included in the heart of this app to bring the best and most complete astronomy app experience to your tablet or Android phone!

Some features of Mobile Observatory 2 – Android Astronomy:

  • Show the position of each object in the sky (height and direction)
  • View magnifying stars, planets, asteroids
  • View the solar system from top to bottom
  • Calendar to display a detailed description of celestial events
  • See comets
  • View images of the sun and sunspots
  • Show the moon and planets in three dimensions
  • Accurate calculations for the date between the years 1 900 and 2100

Application Mobile Observatory 2 – Astronomy To date, hundreds of thousands of times by Android users around the world have purchased from Google Play rating: 4.7 Excellent from 5.0 to learn that their privilege of Mhvbyt top of it to our users! Join us to download the latest version of Mobile Observatory – Astronomy program for free from Usroid . Finally, it is better to mention that this program does not have the first and second versions – the original name of the program was Mobile Observatory – Astronomy, in which version 2 has been added!


Mobile Observatory 2 - Astronomy