Mobile Scanner – Camera app & Scan to PDF v2.12.1 – Android phone conversion application to a powerful scanner
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Mobile Scanner – Camera app & Scan to PDF is a smart application to turn Android smartphones into a powerful scanner, developed by Glority LLC and published on Google Play. The proliferation of smartphones has not only made it much easier for humans to communicate, but has also made it possible for us to eliminate the need for many expensive digital tools and meet our needs in just a few seconds. One of the smart devices that we may need over and over again in our lifetime are scanners. Document scanners convert all manuscripts or documents into digital versions and help us receive them in the form of images. Fortunately, users of Android smart devices do not need to buy scanners because their smartphones help them to scan everything they want and convert it to digital versions. However, we must point out that we need special programs to turn Android into a powerful scanner. Mobile Scanner – Camera app & Scan to PDF is one of the best options in this field. After installation, this startup provides you with a set of various features in the form of an application. Features that you will not see in similar programs and turn your device into a versatile scanner!

Mobile Scanner – Camera app & Scan to PDF A convenient option for scanning documents

As mentioned in the description above, Mobile Scanner – Camera app & Scan to PDF is one of the best inventory options that you can use to scan documents or anything else as easily as possible. All you have to do is hold the camera in front of the sheets of paper and take a picture of them after installation. A variety of features are included in the heart of this startup, the best of which is multi-page document scanning. Imagine you have a tens of pages of textbook. This smart system helps you dear ones to scan all the pages and download them in a PDF file.

Cleverly optimize images

One of the most important things to consider when using scanner applications is the quality of your smartphone camera. If the quality of your smartphone is not good, the output will not be of good quality. Unlike all the programs available in the Android Market, in Mobile Scanner software – Camera app & Scan to PDF, you see a smart system. After capturing the images, this intelligent system examines them and performs the necessary processing to increase their quality. This feature is so powerful that we can say that you can scan documents with even the simplest smartphones.

Unique OCR feature for text extraction

Another feature that will undoubtedly make anyone happy is the OCR feature. OCR mode is a great technology with which you will be able to receive all the texts of scanned documents in the form of text files or txt and share them separately with your friends. Fortunately, we have to say that this feature is available in Mobile Scanner – Camera app & Scan to PDF and you do not face any restrictions to use it. The OCR capability in this program has a very high accuracy and its error can be considered less than 1%.

Some features and capabilities of Mobile Scanner app – Camera app & Scan to PDF Android:

  • Scan documents or any kind of super quality manuscript in just a few seconds
  • Batch scanning system for scanning documents consisting of several pages
  • Super batch processing mode to avoid wasting time
  • Automatically detect borders and cut them in images
  • Access to a set of different filters for a variety of scan modes
  • Unparalleled OCR capability for extracting texts from documents
  • Extremely high accuracy OCR feature with the ability to recognize a variety of texts
  • Download extracted texts in txt format
  • Scan and save documents in pdf format
  • QR code scanner and access to all their information
  • Back up all scanned documents
  • Print scanned documents with just one hint
  • Add a digital signature to the documents you scanned
  • Protect your personal information with a password
  • Upload scanned documents to cloud servers

Mobile Scanner app – Camera app & Scan to PDF with a set of unique features and capabilities in the field of converting documents to files scanned by its developer for free with payment within the network $9.99 released and a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest premium version of this program without any restrictions on accessing the facilities from the huge database of Usroid website.


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