Modern Combat Versus v1.17.32 – The Incredible Action Game Modern Combat Versus (Modern Combat 6) for Android
A console-quality game with stunning graphics, produced by the famous Gameloft company.
New update released simultaneously and for the first time in Iran.
It is an online multiplayer game.

Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS – مدرن کامبت ورسوس is a new and extraordinary game from the renowned Gameloft studio, available for Android. The new and official version of the game was released for free on Google Play a few hours ago, and as always, we decided to introduce it to you, dear fans of action games, and bring you the excitement once again! In this version, now known as Modern Combat 6, you will face a new and unique style and environment. Despite the incredible differences in gameplay and graphics compared to previous versions, the most significant difference in Modern Combat 6 is the removal of the single-player and storyline section. This means that there is no longer a one-person role-playing story, and you have to follow the game’s stories with multiple players! In Modern Combat Versus, you can play various roles as different agents with unique skills, and depending on your interest, you can appear as a killer, defender, attacker, or specialist and challenge your abilities! Of course, you can easily customize your agents by collecting points and enjoy the game even more! The game features 12 agents, including Mi-Nu, W1FT, LOCK, and GH0ST! If you are a fan of action games and want to experience one of the most unique ones, don’t miss Modern Combat Versus! Like other Gameloft games, Modern Combat Versus is made in the best possible way, and rest assured that it will bring you a different experience of action, shooter, and gun games on your Android phone.


Modern Combat Versus Android Games


The game Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS has been downloaded over 10 million times by Android users worldwide from Google Play so far, and you can get the latest and newest version of it directly from the servers of Usroid with a direct link. If we want to list some of the features of Modern Combat Versus in a few sentences for you, we can mention things like playing with friends or online users from around the world in the form of 4-person teams, dozens of different characters with special abilities in 12 specific categories, battles in various locations and environments to avoid repetition of the game, excellent controller for an extraordinary first-person shooter experience, extraordinary design with console-like graphics and eye-catching visual effects, availability of various weapons for use in battles, and overall exceptional construction. You can first watch images and trailers of the gameplay of Modern Combat Versus and finally, if you wish, download it with one click from the high-speed servers of Usroid for your Android device!

1 : The game always requires internet and is online + does not have a license error!
2 : So far, no mode has been released for the game. If the game is hacked, the mode will be added to the post [please do not ask about the mode].
3 : The new version of the game is offered without integrated data by the developer. +1 GB data is received with the game [in the initial run]!
4 : Usroid updates this game simultaneously with other games. Always refer to this page to get the update or the latest version of the game.