Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) v3.2.2 – Android personal finance management application
Purchased and complete version for $ 2.99 for the first time in Iran

One of the most important issues that hinders the progress of all of us human beings in the field of finance is not having full control over them. If you look closely at the lives of successful people around the world, you will find that the secret to their success lies in order, discipline, supervision and management of all things; Financial issues are no exception. There are several ways to monitor income and expenses, some of which are as costly as hiring an accountant! However, technology has come to the aid of humans and is once again trying to make life easier. Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) is a personal finance and asset management application developed by System monitor tools lab – Cpu Ram Battery and published on Google Play. Everything you need for perfect management is available in this software. Existing capabilities allow you to easily monitor all your expenses and income and try to achieve your goals over time. One of the most important features of this startup is the ability to quickly add financial information; So that you can quickly add information to a specific group after purchasing or receiving your salary. As we mentioned, all your information is categorized in this software so that you can experience a fast and unlimited access at any time. Unlike other Android apps that only support finance, this smart app registers your other assets such as purchased shares in its list. Whenever you need it, a complete report is provided that is very detailed. To prevent the data from being deleted suddenly, make a backup of them so that you can quickly restore the data if needed.

Some features and capabilities of Android Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) program:

  • Management of financial and personal assets
  • Support for all types of assets such as cash, bank card credit, stocks and…
  • Categorize all information into different groups
  • Create your own group if not in the categories
  • Instant statistics display mode with accurate and perfect information
  • Access to full details of user input and expenditure
  • Display information numerically and graphically
  • Several diverse themes for the software environment
  • Back up all your data


The Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) application, with its special features and capabilities in the field of personal finance management, was published by its developer on Google Play for $ 2.99 and was able to get a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, which Now you can download the latest version of it without any restrictions on access to features from the huge database of Usroid website.


Money Manager - Elephant Bookkeeping