Monogolf v3.4.10 + Mod – Monogolf challenging and interesting game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited life and coins) individually
tested with offline execution

Monogolf – Monogolf (single golf) is the name of a very interesting and entertaining arcade game by the Spanish studio Livito, which is offered for free on Google Play and Usroid for the first time in Iran this beautiful game with a mod version It has been introduced and presented by your service, dear friends. Definitely with the sport of golf and its smaller type, namely MinigolfYou are familiar. An interesting sport in which you have to guide a special ball to the hole with the help of an iron bar (golf club). In golf competitions, long and air blows are hit, but in mini golf, all blows are slow, simple and ground. Now we are going to introduce an interesting game in this field and its name is Monogolf. Monogolf is a simple game with many different stages in the style of mini golf. In this game, you have to send the ball to the hole in different situations. Conditions that get harder and harder at each stage. Many users say that except for the first few steps, the next steps are very challenging and some of them are impossible! The reason for this is that in the difficult stages of the game, winding paths and various obstacles will block your way. But the challenges of Monogolf do not end there. In some stages, there are various items such as air magnets that divert your ball from the main path, and in this case you have to hit so that the ball is guided to the hole with the cut and deflection it takes! But all these issues aside. The hardest thing about Monogolf is that at each stage you only have the right to hit the ball once !!! That means you only have to hit the ball once to hit the hole. Can you cope with these simple but breathtaking challenges ?!

Some features of Monogolf Android special arcade game:

  • Simple but at the same time interesting and lovely minimalist graphics
  • Two-dimensional and unique designs
  • Very simple gameplay and can be done just by aiming and hitting the ball
  • There are dozens of very challenging stages
  • There are all kinds of obstacles and difficult items
  • Has Arcade Mode section with 150 different maps
  • Has Challenge Mode section
  • Ability to create an exclusive map in the Level Editor section
  • Ability to purchase various skins and personalize the ball
  • Very small size and very limited battery consumption (less than 17 MB)

Monogolf with its small size along with its flat designs and beauty, has become one of the popular trends in recent Android games in the style of arcade games. This fascinating game, which has been downloaded 1 million times on Google Play, has a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 . If you have the patience to download and install the game for bulk do not have and want with a compact and simple to highest value may be challenged not wait and do it now regular version or mode beautiful game Mvnvglf to be tested servers Usroid Download Compete with your friends!

Changes in version v3.4.10:

* Optimization of general parts of the game
* Fixed bug and major game disruption on some devices
* Fixed several different problems