Moodreads: Music for reading v1.4.0 – Android app for playing music while reading
Purchased and complete version of the program for $1.49

Many people around us have their own unique habits, one of the most interesting of which is listening to music while reading books! At first glance, it may seem annoying to us, but many people find that it increases their concentration and allows them to retain the information from the book more accurately. One of the major problems for this group of people is not being able to find their desired music that suits the current situation! For this reason, an Android developer has created an application in this area that we intend to introduce in this post. Moodreads: Music for reading is the title of a music playback application during reading, developed by Duveral and published on Google Play. To use this startup, simply install it and search for the name of the book you are reading; the intelligent system quickly checks the database and suggests specific music based on the subject of the book being read. These music tracks have high content coordination with the searched books, which helps increase your focus while reading and retain more details in your memory. One of the most important features of this program is its huge database, which contains information on more than 1 billion books and tries to prevent users from getting stuck when searching for a book. If you feel you may fall asleep while reading, don’t forget to use the timer and make sure the music stops after your desired time. Determine a list of music tracks based on your favorite books so that you never get stuck and save time. The playback quality is very high, and the developer strives to provide transparent playback. If you are also interested in reading, don’t miss this application and stay with us to get it.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Moodreads: Music for reading Android app:

  • Exclusive music for playing while reading books
  • Offering special and relevant suggestions for the book being read
  • Having a huge database of information on over 1 billion books
  • Internal timer to automatically stop music playback
  • Creating a customized list of desired music
  • Having a transparent and high-quality playback
  • Adding the sound of rain to the background music

The Moodreads: Music for reading app, with its features and a special capability to increase concentration during reading, has been released by its developer for $1.49 and has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from its developers on Google Play. You can now purchase the latest version of it from the Usroid website.


Moodreads: Music for reading