Download the very beautiful game The Adventures of Mosaika v1.0.3 Android with data and installation and execution training

Mosaika is a new and extremely beautiful game with stunning graphics in the style of brain teasers and puzzles for the Android operating system , the first version of which was released today in the Play Store and is priced at $ 0.99 . The story of the game begins as follows: a strange feeling until midnight when you go to bed with you until you fall asleep! Suddenly you find yourself in a room, you realize with a little care that you are in a strange magical land and now you are in darkness.

You stare at the hacked symbols in the corner of the old fireplace in the dark room, turn on the lights, carefully get up, and move toward the sound that woke you up. . You find yourself in the middle of your uncle’s house. The room is filled with strange artifacts and strange symbols can be seen all over the room, now you will find an article that also has symbols; Suddenly you notice that these symbols correspond to each other . Now you have traveled through that old fireplace to a strange and magical place where you have to entertain yourself for hours by doing various adventures.

If you are interested in adventure games , try Mosaika and experience one of the best Android mind games. Features of the above game include the following:

* Having very high HD graphics to attract players

* Collect items in the game to solve multiple puzzles

* Enjoy enjoyable music with beautiful sound effects

* Being a dynamic map to display all areas reviewed by the user

* User guide system to advance the game in difficult parts

* Simple controllers for professional and easy game management

The exciting game Mosaika currently has a score of 4.9 out of 5 in the Play Store , which indicates that it is popular, and Usroid will provide you with its first version.

Take a deep breath, and strive to enter the real world!

 Changes in version v1.0.3:

* Fixed some bugs and improved game graphics


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