Moshi Monsters Village – Moshi Monsters Village is a beautiful game with colorful graphics in the style of village building and expansion games from Mind Candy game development studio for Android operating system, which is one of the best and best Android games with millions of downloads from Google Play . It is strange that with all these fans, it has not been offered on any Iranian website yet, and we decided to take the lead as always and introduce the above game to you, the lovers of games for making and managing villages and islands, for the first time. In this game, Dr. Strangeglove cowardly turns all people into monsters that you must stop! You should give security and peace to the villagers by building an island and doing various things and try to save the people.

Moshi Monsters Village game has stunning graphics and HD and is done online , and to play the game, an Internet connection is required and you must compete with other global users.

Some features of Moshi Monsters Village Android game:

* Build your own custom village in a fully 3D environment

* Save your friends from the cowardly doctor Strangeglove

* A variety of unique decorations to beautify and decorate the village

* View the status of friends online and the possibility of competing with them

Moshi Monsters Village game has been released for free and today in Usroid we have put the latest version of it as the first Iranian website for you that you can download it with one click.

Note: To play Moshi Monsters Village, you need to download a 40 to 50 MB data file, which you must download with your phone.


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