Motor Tour: Bike racing game v1.9.3 – Exciting and competitive “Motor Tour” arcade game for Android
An exciting and competitive motorcycle racing game for Android
Tested with online play

Motor Tour – تور موتورسواری is an exciting and well-designed arcade-style racing game with a motorcycle theme. It has been released by the Turkish studio Wolves Interactive as a completely free game with in-app purchases, and is available for download on Google Play for Android users worldwide. Farsoyed has obtained this beautiful and well-made game and after necessary reviews, has prepared it for you dear ones. This game is completely modeled after other famous games in this genre such as Overtake: Traffic Racing, Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic, Highway Traffic Rider, and Traffic Rider, which we have also published in other articles on Farsoyed. According to the game’s developer, Motor Tour is a new generation of realistic driving simulation games. In the game, you play as a professional motorcycle rider who races and weaves through various roads. Your main goal in this game is to avoid obstacles and other moving vehicles. If you make a mistake and fail to pass them, you will collide with them at high speed and be thrown out, resulting in a loss. The main part of the Motor Tour game is an endless record-breaking competition where the main criterion is to set better records than the time and scores obtained. Along the way, in addition to obstacles and other vehicles, there are also numerous bonus items in the game that you can collect to increase your score.

Some features of Motor Tour: Bike racing game for Android:

  • Excellent graphics with suitable details relative to its size
  • Entertaining and smooth gameplay in dynamic motorcycle racing style
  • Professional and three-dimensional designs with different times such as day or night
  • Endless style (without time or fuel limitations)
  • Includes 5 main modes: Multiplayer, Endless, Career, Time Trial, Free Run
  • More than 100 levels in Career Mode
  • Online section for competing with players worldwide
  • 40 different motorcycle classes and various designs
  • Ability to upgrade different parts of motorcycles
  • Optimized for smooth performance on Android mobile devices and tablets

Motor Tour may not have a large size and does not require downloading and placing data files, but it is designed at a different level than other large-scale racing games. Additionally, Motor Tour is one of the few games in this genre that has both single-player and online multiplayer modes. Moreover, the realistic graphics and gameplay make Motor Tour a very enjoyable game. If you are a fan of racing games, especially motorcycle racing, do not miss Motor Tour. This game is available for download from Usroid servers. It is worth mentioning that Motor Tour has achieved a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times on Google Play.

  1. This game requires internet connection. It may be necessary to change the IP address to connect to game servers.
  2. If a new version of the mod is available, it will be released for download.



Motor Tour