Mountain Weather LWP is an incredibly beautiful, exciting and popular wallpaper for the Android operating system , which is one of the best with a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 in the Play Store. This unique live wallpaper will give you the climate of your region. Completely realistic face with interesting and amazing animations on the home screen of your smartphone and is able to distinguish day and night through the time of your Android device and for each weather has very interesting animations of the day or It is night!

This wallpaper shows the flight of birds over the sky, the movement of birds in green places and various chameleon flowers, etc. in a very interesting mountain environment, and by having it on your phone, you can watch the firefly, the stars. At night, rain and snow fall completely real, the movement of balloons and flowers are very stylish and enchanting!

Some features of Live Weather LWP Android live wallpaper:

* Move balloons, birds, butterflies and clouds to make the wallpaper more realistic

* Changing weather conditions with day, evening and night and the weather is really dark

* View different places of the mountains, diverse and very exciting places

* Show sunrise and sunset and moon freeze (this requires an internet connection )

* Rain and snow in the mountain environment and the mountains are covered with white snow

* View the moon beautifully at night with twinkling stars

* Display different chrysanthemums, tulips, roses and sunflowers with your choice

The beautiful Mountain Weather LWP live wallpaper is currently on sale in the Android Market for $ 1.49 , and today at Usroid we have prepared it for you who are looking for a completely real live wallpaper with the weather conditions of your city. You can download it by clicking ادامه Read more…



Download Mountain Weather LWP - Real Mountain Live Wallpaper for Android!




Mountain Weather LWP Android APK



Mountain Weather LWP Android APK



Mountain Weather LWP Android APK



Mountain Weather LWP Android APK



Mountain Weather LWP Android APK