move app to sdcard pro v3.7 – Android app for fast transfer of apps to SD card
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All Android users install various programs on their device to meet their needs, which in some cases due to the large number of these apps are faced with a lack of internal memory and to install a new software you have to remove the previous software. Are themselves. Some devices do not have this problem due to the ability to transfer applications to the SD card and you will be able to transfer your applications to external storage; But as we mentioned, this restriction does not exist only in some brands such as Huawei, and for other devices, this can not be done without root access! move app to sdcard pro as a great tool for fast transfer of programs installed on the internal memory to the SD card for AndroidDeveloped by ljmobile and published in the major Google Play Market. With a simple yet functional feature, this application allows its users to free up a lot of internal memory and transfer their apps to the SD card. There are no restrictions on the transfer of programs and games, and all you have to do is select them and touch the screen once to have everything done automatically. Sort the list of available apps according to different criteria so you can access each one without any confusion. There is various information about each program, including its size, version, installation time and و!


move app to sdcard


The move app to sdcard pro application, with the support of a simple but practical tool, has been able to get a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 1.99, which you can now buy the latest version of it from direct links And download Usroid website quickly ; Our version includes all the features.

Note: The application requires your device to be rooted for transfer.

Version v3.7 changes:

* Added suggestion to remove option
* Fixed program problems.