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Listening to music is one of the most inseparable habits of any human being, which changes people’s moods and sometimes they can focus on their work activities; You even know that music is one of the best stimulants in sports clubs, which greatly increases the level of adrenaline. There are several ways to access various music, and in the last few years, Android apps have joined them, providing thousands of music in a comprehensive environment. But as you know, despite the existence of various programs in this field, no special software has been designed for Iranian users to access music, and there is a big gap among Iranians that we intend to completely eliminate in this post. MrTehran – Iranian Music It’s the title of a great app for accessing millions of different music developed by MrTehran LLC and available on the Google Play Store for Android tablets and phones.It has been published. Before installing and with just a simple look at the comments of users on Google Play, you will easily understand that you are faced with a unique app that meets all your needs in the field of music in a short time. Apart from the huge database of Mr. Tehran, which is amazing in its kind, all audio files are available in three different qualities that any user with any type of connection speed can play them or download them as desired. The speed of music updates is very high and there is a precise monitoring on all of them so that Iranian users can play beautiful and energetic music. It is better not to miss this smart application and join us to read more about its other capabilities.

Some features and capabilities of MrTehran – Iranian Music Android application:

  • Play music online with the ability to view lyrics as well as purchase links
  • Three different qualities (64 KB, 128 KB, 320 KB) for fast playback and saving on consumer traffic
  • Three different qualities for downloading songs (64kb, 128kb, 320kb)
  • Full support for both Persian and English
  • Continuous updates of new songs and albums released
  • Send various announcements regarding the release of the latest music works
  • Complete archive of old music and albums with advanced search
  • Full access to artists’ pages and their complete biographies
  • Access to artists’ works through personal pages
  • Music category in terms of style such as hip hop, rock and…
  • Ability to log in to your favorite music lab
  • Listen to music offline
  • Ability to adjust the equalizer and playback volume to your liking
  • New music news
  • Ability to send text to existing music
  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface

Application  MrTehran – Iranian Music with different features and different, besides winning Iranian users, other users from around the world attracted by more than half a million downloads active Score 4.7 from 5.0 earned both Now you can download the latest original version from the great Usroid site.


 MrTehran - Iranian Music