mSecure – Password Manager is the most powerful, best and most popular professional password management application for the Android operating system, which is offered by mSeven Software LLC for free on Google Play. If you are a user who browses various sites on a daily basis and you register in most of them, you will undoubtedly need to have a program to store and manage passwords and passwords, software that can be in an environment Store your passwords completely securely and no one but you can access them! With this software on your tablet or smartphone, you can easily and in a pleasant environment save and manage email passwords and sites, ‌ bank accounts, ‌ birthdays, credit cards, notes, etc. and experience The best password management softwareBring on your mobile. If you save your passwords in different parts of your phone, including notes, SMS, etc., imagine what you can do if your phone is suddenly stolen or even lost by someone! Of course, a score above 4.6 is not easy to achieve among all these password management programs; The unique capabilities and features of this program also have a huge contribution in gaining this popularity , the features that you have from a password management program are all available in mSecure – Password Manager to experience the most complete password management program!

Some features, capabilities and features of the mSecure – Password Manager Android application:

  • Use 256-bit encryption to protect users’ personal information
  • Ability to store various personal information, account number, usernames, passwords, etc.
  • Having an auto-lock to automatically lock the app to protect the app from prying eyes
  • Having a powerful generator to generate a random and very powerful password
  • Ability to synchronize and store personal information in a very secure and reliable environment of cloud servers
  • Ability to automatically synchronize user information on powerful Dropbox cloud servers
  • Ability to automatically backup data and save to SD card or send to user email
  • Availability of custom templates with unlimited fields (19 standard templates)
  • Availability of over 270 icons for user-personalized passwords
  • Ability to sort saved passwords by name, type and date of editing
  • Supports display on both sides of the screen on tablets over 6 inches
  • Ability to share files via email, SMS or clipboard
  • Having a powerful browser called mSecure browser to log in and browse the web completely securely
  • Having a completely simple, classic user interface and having all the features

If you are looking for the best password management program, Usroid offers you a unique mSecure – Password Manager application that you can download the latest version for free! This program is offered completely free of charge and in addition to all the features available, there is no advertising in it! Join us to get the upcoming app with one click from Usroid!

 Changes in version v5.5.6:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


mSecure - Password Manager