MT Manager 2 v2.12.1 VIP – complete and professional Android file manager application
VIP and full version of the program

As you know, rooted devices are more flexible than unrooted devices and can be managed in a special way. When coding their applications, many developers pay more attention to users of rooted phones and try to provide them with access to the entire smartphone by providing them with sufficient facilities. MT Manager 2 is also the title of a professional file manager for rooted Android devices, which is released for free and its latest version is in front of you. This wonderful file management program with the support of unique tools enables users to access all parts and commands of file management and manage existing files in a special and professional way. From general and widely used commands such as copy, transfer, etc. to special and rare editors, the list of features of MT Manager is available. You don’t need to install OTG management programs to run your flash drives, and you will be able to completely manage external memories directly through the program. Don’t miss this wonderful file manager and stay with us to get it.

Some features and capabilities of MT Manager 2 Android application:

  • Supports general commands such as copying, transfer, renaming, etc.
  • Unique file management system
  • Ability to fully manage files with root access
  • Supports Dex and ARSC editors
  • Xml file translator
  • Support for compressed files
  • Display flash information without the need for OTG management programs
  • Perform background operations
  • Configure text editor in DEX
  • Apk optimization
  • Bio Online Translator

MT Manager 2 application , as one of the best file management programs for rooted devices, has great features, which unfortunately is not available in Google Play, but Usroid site , as one of the best Android references in US, is the newest file. The installation is provided to you dear ones and you can download it from the direct links.


MT Manager 2