Multi Clinometer v1.15 Application to turn a smartphone into a professional inclinometer for Android
Premium version of the application with access to all features and capabilities

An inclinometer (Clinometer) is a tool for measuring the angle of a slope, height, or height of an object according to the force of gravity. This device is also known as protractor, tilt gauge, tilt gauge, gradient tester, level gauge and tilt deflection. The tilt gauge can measure both upward and downward slopes. Applications of inclinometers include determining latitude using a polar star, determining the angle of the earth’s magnetic field relative to a flat surface, displaying changes from a vertical or horizon line, mapping (to measure elevation and elevation), Measurement of slope and embankment heights during the construction of civil structures and و pointed out. Smartphones are so advanced today that they can be turned into practical and specialized tools in the fields of medicine, engineering, technology, and so on. Today we are at your service with an application that can turn your smartphone into a complete inclinometer. Multi Clinometer is a complete slope gauge for Android operating system, developed by Calmatics software group and published for free on Google Play. By installing this program, you can always have a very efficient inclinometer with you. This app uses your phone’s various sensors to display accurate information. In this way, you can view a two-dimensional page in the program and easily see the slope of the levels in addition to displaying the figures with the exact number. You can also detect different levels of smoothness with this program.

Some features and capabilities of Android Multi Clinometer app :

  • Calibration without the need for perfectly horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • It has two digital and analog displays next to each other
  • Ability to change the accuracy of the digital display, ‌ Ability to choose between several degrees and several tens of degrees
  • Ability to manually adjust the noise level
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically on various tablets and phones
  • Ability to change the background and colors of the program according to your taste
  • Automatically save all settings when exiting the app
  • It has two types of pitch and roll inclinometers
  • Simple and beautiful user interface

Application Multi Clinometer program is very useful for those who work and their activities need to inclinometer. This program can completely eliminate the need for physical inclinometers. Multi Clinometer is very popular and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on Google Play, and with the satisfaction of Android users, it has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You can now download the premium version of this program from Usroid for free.


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