MultiNotes – Handy Reminder Notes v2.54 – Professional and Smart Android Note Taking App
Ad-free and Full Version of the App Worth $3.99

In the not too distant past, journalists, students, and even schoolchildren always carried a pen and paper with them. With the advent of smart devices and their widespread use, people’s interest in using paper and pen has decreased because they can quickly create various information, including notes, and share them with their friends. Although nothing can replace the pleasure of taking notes with your own handwriting, it is a reality that must be accepted. Android developers have also taken advantage of this opportunity and introduced various software in this area to attract users’ attention. MultiNotes – Handy Reminder Notes is the title of a professional and intelligent note-taking application developed by m.kadykov and published on Google Play. By providing users with access to a variety of options, this software helps them create high-detail notes and access them at any time. As we mentioned, the main feature of this program is to maintain information and details. After writing your desired text, use the internal voice recording system to reproduce the details in audio form and attach it as a file to the created note. In addition to adding audio files, the ability to add images and documents to your notes increases the excitement of use multiple times. Unlike many similar tools that do not consider any measures to protect user information, the intelligent system provides conditions to prevent any intrusion by using a password. By connecting the above program to cloud memory such as Google Play, all your notes are continuously backed up and stored on an external server so that you never face sudden data deletion problems.

Some features and capabilities of the MultiNotes – Handy Reminder Notes Android app:

  • Quickly create various notes with very high details
  • Intelligent voice recording system to preserve as much detail as possible in notes
  • Add any image or video file to created notes
  • Attach personal documents to your notes
  • Backup all data to cloud servers
  • Create reminders for important notes
  • Option to create shopping lists or task lists
  • Protect all information with a password

The MultiNotes – Handy Reminder Notes app, with its various features and capabilities, has been released for free by its developer with in-app purchases of $3.99. You can now download the latest ad-free version without any restrictions on accessing information from the direct links on the Usroid website.


MultiNotes - Handy Reminder Notes