Murder in the Alps v Mod – Adventure and crime game “Murder in the Alps” for Android Trailer
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Murder in the Alps – Murder in the Alps is the name of a beautiful and well-made game with amazing and professional designs in the form of an adventurous and enigmatic artwork that is free but with in-app payments by Estonia’s Nordcurrent creative studio. The creator of popular games, such as the very popular Cooking Fever game, has been released. Usroid at your request Dear ones, we have decided to prepare the latest official update of this beautiful game and prepare it for download along with a modded version of it. Murder in the Alps tells a very interesting, exciting, enigmatic and fascinating story in the crime genre. This story, along with its unique designs and characters, has become a very professional title. The puzzle-puzzle style of games is one of the most popular styles in mobile games these days, and Nordcurrent Studio has made good use of this popularity to build and develop a well-crafted and professional game. In this game, a mysterious and enigmatic story is narrated in the 1930s. This game is a completely interactive title in the style of puzzle games and Hidden Objects. In Murder in the Alps, you play the main character of the game, Anna Myers, who is a journalist from Switzerland. He is heading to a beautiful hotel in a special part of the Alps to spend the Christmas holidays. It is famous for its tranquility. First of all, by reaching this point, you will find unique game designs. A very cold and snowy winter night in a warm and well-equipped mountain hotel that will delight you at first sight.


Murder in the Alps - Murder in the Alps


Murder in the Alps at the very beginning of the gameThe hotel manager tells you about the strange things that happened in and around the hotel. Since Anna Mirs’ character has a special sense of detective, she decides to pursue these issues. He soon finds himself in a completely strange adventure, and with the clues he finds, he realizes that a horrible crime has taken place in this area. There are a lot of characters throughout the game who are well-personified, and you can’t easily tell their nature. Your task is to follow these stories, find important clues and evidence, solve dozens of different puzzles and puzzles, and find the mysterious killer. As mentioned earlier, much of Murder in the Alps, like other games of the same genre, is hidden objects. In this case, you need to find the specified items on a page that usually has dozens of different and cluttered items. It is not possible to zoom in on this mode, so in this case you have to double your accuracy to find the hidden items. By going through each stage, comic-like cutscenes and very interesting animated clips are shown to follow the story part of the game with a special atmosphere. The game is followed in several chapters with a specific theme. During Murder in the Alps, you go to different places in the Alps and stay there for several months, and that’s why you experience different seasons. In terms of graphics and design, the Alpine Murder game is designed in the best possible way. These designs use hand-painted images and well-crafted animations that convey a unique sense to the audience. If you are looking for a very beautiful, adventurous and enigmatic game, don’t miss Murder in the Alps, and now the latest version has been tested with the modded version of Download Usroid . The Alpine Murder game has been downloaded more than 5 million times and has a score of 4.4 out of .

important points:

. This game requires the Internet to run, but overall it is an individual game. This means that a lot of volume is not used to use this game, but in any case, you must run the game online. It should also be noted that some parts of the game, such as the guide section or videos of other chapters, and the like, must be downloaded from within the game itself.
The modded version of the game has the ability to “unlock the step guide section”. To use this feature, when you enter the game and while playing the game, use the option that has a question mark (?) To download a step-by-step guide to all the steps of that chapter from the Internet. These guides can be displayed visually and with textual descriptions.