Music Boss for Android Wear – Control Your Music v2.7.2 – Android smartwatch music management app
purchased for $ 2.99 – introduced for the first time in Iran

With a simple search among Android markets, you will find that a huge range of Android applications include audio and video players, each of which has special and unique capabilities. Usroid site has not been short in this regard so far and has provided the most feature-packed players to its users. Today, as always, we intend to introduce a unique application for Android smartwatches for the first time. Music Boss for Android Wear – Control Your Music is the title of a special and unique application in the field of controlling music playback by Android watches.Developed and published by Reboot’s Ramblings. With this versatile App, you will be able to manage the music being played through Android wear with access to great features in a completely intelligent way, and save a significant amount of battery charge on your smartphone. Control the volume of the playing sound and see the amount of music played by viewing the progress bar. If you are a fan of Android watches, do not miss this versatile program and read on to get it.

Some features and capabilities of Music Boss for Android Wear – Control Your Music Android app:

  • Full control over the music being played
  • Play audio files without turning on the device screen
  • View a list of music playing on the clock screen
  • Audio playback progress bar
  • Control the volume of media being played by Chromecast
  • Play music with support for voice commands
  • Attractive visual feedback
  • Automatically change the clock theme when the app enters save mode

Application Music Boss for Android Wear – Control Your Music has a set of capabilities unique in the management of audio files at Android smart $ 2.99 Self- rated 4.0 out of 5.0 by users, Google received both Now you can download the latest version purchased from the direct links of Usroid site.

Changes in version v2.7.2:

* Battery saving system
* Fixed application problems