Music Folder Player Full v2.6.1 – popular and best-selling music player music folder player Android
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Music Folder Player Full is one of the most popular and best-selling music folder software provided by ZorillaSoft Studio on Google Play. This software is available in two versions, Free and Full, to the general users of Android devices. In the Free version, some features are not available, but in the Full version, which sells for $ 1.5 , all the features are available, and the latest The version is in front of you. As the name implies, Music Folder Player Full is a popular and useful software for playing your songs based on folders, which is designed for the Android operating system. With this music playerUnlike other music players that play songs based on albums, etc., you will be able to easily play folders containing music and audio files! The simple user interface of this program allows you to play music easily and quickly, and with a set of features, it is definitely worth downloading, and we recommend it to all of you who own Android phones and tablets.

Some features of Music Folder Player Full Android:

  • Having an equalizer
  • Ability to edit the name of the singer and the album of songs
  • Having a sleep timer to prevent you from waking up suddenly
  • Headset control capability
  • List folders to select
  • Quick and easy switch between folders
  • Volume booster system
  • Ability to control the balance by you
  • Display lyrics for you
  • Perform search operations as easily as possible
  • Simple user interface without any ads

As mentioned, Music Folder Player Full has sold so well that it has been purchased +50,000 times by users around the world so far, scoring an excellent 4.7 out of 5.0 . You can download the latest purchased and complete version of Music Folder Player software for free and with one click from Usroid .


Music Folder Player Full