Mustread – Scary Short Chat Stories + Mod – The game must be read – Android short and scary stories
Normal version + Mod version (making in-app payments) Tested separately
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Mustread – Scary Short Chat StoriesThe name of a game in the book genre published by Wowmaking game studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. Mustread – Scary Short Chat Stories is an FMV-style storytelling game. FMV style games are games that are found a lot in the Android market these days. These new style of games are a shift in the way of making games and have been more or less welcomed by gamers. This style of games tries to bring the boundaries between game and reality closer together. But to what extent they can do this is a question that will undoubtedly take more time to answer, and it is too early to judge. But in any case, Mustread – Scary Short Chat Stories is a game in the same genre and uses FMV elements in its gameplay. In this game, you will encounter many stories that are followed by text message conversations, during which you will see videos that are completely real and real actors have been used to film them. You make so many decisions in the game that your decisions can completely change the speed and overall direction of the story being told. So, since the language of the game is English, you need to be fluent in English to be able to interact well in the game and make decisions for logical reasons.


Mustread - Scary Short Chat Stories


Honestly Mustread – Scary Short Chat StoriesIt is an incredible achievement. This game has been able to strike the right balance between “being a game” and “being real”. For people unfamiliar with the FMV genre, this game may seem a little too simple, weird, and unattractive. But it must be said that the developers have really managed to get a good game out of the water, and the experience of this game will be really exciting for fans of FMV style games. This interactive game not only has deep stories ‌, but its storytelling style is really engaging and nails you in place. So far, more than 1000 short stories have been designed for this game, and according to the developers, newer stories will be added to this game in the next updates. The types of stories are also completely different and varied and include horror stories, ر romantic and love stories, mystery stories, murder stories, and..Get an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0 . Usroid teamintends to provide this popular and popular game in two versions, original and mod, and without any restrictions for you dear ones. Now you can download this game, which has already been tested by our team, completely free of charge from the links at the end of this article, and enjoy running it!

Note: All payment options including watching videos in chat and removing ads are done by us in the mod version, only you close the subscription window at the first launch!