[MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer v5.0.7.0 [Pro – Dance app light music screen Android
Professional and full version of the program worth $ 2.49 with access to all features

One of the hundreds of daily activities that users of Android devices do with their smart device is playing music; The existing music players for the Android operating system have various features and capabilities, one of which can be considered as a visualizer that is not seen in all players! Using the visualizer when playing music, you can change the screen and increase the attractiveness of the player many times. In this post, we want to introduce you to a tool in this field. MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer Pro Unlocked as a light dance programIn other words, it is a visualizer developed by Sparkine Labs Studio for Android and published in the big Google Play market. The above program with a variety of features brings you a professional light dance experience at the bottom of the screen! All you have to do is play music and see a great visualizer. Hundreds of different and various light dances are included in the database of this program, the choice of each of which is up to you and you can transform the music playback in a unique way. Finally, unlike many similar tools, this program does not require root access.

Some features and capabilities of MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer Android application:

  • Access to a set of different and beautiful visualizers
  • Ability to use visualizers when playing video
  • No need for any root access
  • Powerful editing tools for existing visualizers
  • Sync all edits and information on your Android device
  • Share your creative designs with your friends

Application MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer with the benefit of a specific functionality and unique able to half a million downloads and in-network $ 2.49 Self- rated 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version of the professional Download it from the direct links of Usroid website ; In our version, all the features are available and you can use them without time limit.


MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer