My Clipboard Manager – Clipboard History v1.0 – Offline Android clipboard management application,
the original and official version, presented to you dear ones

All users of smart devices may copy different texts every day and send them to their friends; Have you ever wondered in what memory the copied texts are stored ?! A clipboard is a temporary memory in which your copied texts are stored and you can recall them over a period of time. But as mentioned, this is a temporary memory and it must be intelligently monitored for permanent storage of writings. My Clipboard Manager – Clipboard HistoryIs the title of an offline clipboard management application developed by Puna Devops for Android and published on Google Play. Undoubtedly, this software is a suitable tool for having a complete monitoring of the memory of the clipboard of smartphones. Easily access all available texts and call them with a single gesture. If we want to explain this software in a different way to you dear ones, it can be mentioned as a program for fast storage of notes, which stores the copied texts in the permanent memory in the shortest possible time. Unlike other similar tools, you will have access to all your posts at any time and you can search among them and find the desired result.

Some features and capabilities of My Clipboard Manager – Clipboard History Android application:

  • Intelligent and complete management of clipboard memory
  • No need for any internet access and information security
  • Mark clipboard text and add them to your favorites list
  • Permanent and fast storage of copied notes
  • View a complete list of note history at any time
  • Ability to search among saved posts based on various criteria
  • View a list of recent texts copied in the notification bar

My Clipboard Manager application – Clipboard History has been published on Google Play for free by its developer with a set of various features and capabilities; Now you can download the latest original and official version without any restrictions from Usroid website .

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the first version of the app on Google Play


My Clipboard Manager - Clipboard History