My Moon Phase Pro v4.1.4 – Interesting and popular application for tracking the moon for Android!
Presented version for $ 1.99

My Moon Phase Pro – Moon, Golden Hour & Blue Hour is the title of a professional program for tracking the changes of the moon by Jake Ruston for Android developed and published in the Google Play Store. By supporting its dark and unique design, this software enables users to access various information about the moon and monitor its various activities such as the current cycle of the month, the time of completion of the moon, and so on. My Moon Phase Pro Extraordinary Program; Apart from overshadowing astronomy students, it has also tried to attract photographers by using its rich features; By accessing the available information, it provides the best possible time to photograph the moon and allows photographers to capture extraordinary images of the moon. With access to the existing calendar, view all the cycles of the month on different dates and remember the different phases. Apart from all the explanations given, there is complete information about the moon that encourages each user to get more information about this mysterious moon!

Some features and capabilities of My Moon Phase Pro Android app:

  • View the lunar cycle for each date in the future by navigating the history bar or by tapping the option
  • Access to cloud weather information to get the right time to view the moon
  • Find and learn different phases of the moon
  • Notification and information about the best time to photograph the moon
  • Access to accurate information from the moon such as distance to Earth, age, etc.
  • Receive notification when the moon reaches a certain cycle
  • Supports various widgets

The My Moon Phase Pro app received $ 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users for $ 1.99 . So far, this program has had only 500 active downloads worldwide, and by receiving the latest version purchased from Usroid, you will undoubtedly be one of the first users in Iran to experience it!


My Moon Phase Pro