My Notes – Notepad Premium v2.0.3 – Simple and professional Android note-taking app
Premium version with all features available

My Notes – Notepad is a very easy-to-use, easy-to-use notebook app released by KreoSoft for the Android operating system . The beautiful user interface of the program and its non-complexity allows any user to write their notes in the shortest possible time! It has happened to you that sometimes while managing your notes, you touch the delete option and accidentally delete a number of your notes, this problem exists in many note-taking programs, and after deleting your information They can no longer be restored, but My Notes with its special features, the intelligent system provides backup to its users so that they can make a backup copy of it at any time and before adding new notes, so that they can easily restore it in case of any problems. Other actions of the developers of this program include their attention to the privacy of users, so that you can easily put a password on all your notes so that no one can access your important information. In addition, it is important to know that all notes can be categorized and you can create multiple folders and different themes, placing each of your notes in a separate folder with careful organization.

Some features and capabilities of My Notes – Notepad Android application:

  • Protect all notes using password or PIN code
  • Save, search and share notes in the simplest possible way
  • Organize all notes in different folders
  • Accurate storage of note information such as the time and date of registration of the note
  • Add reminders for important notes
  • Sync notes with Google Drive with other smart devices
  • Secure storage of notes on cloud servers
  • It has a dark theme for the application environment
  • Automatically sync notes with Google Drive
  • Ability to back up

Applications My Notes – Notepad for free and pay within the network has been released has been able to more than 1 million downloads Active Points 4.5 to 5.0 by users in the Play Store to get the same can always unlocked version of the site Usroid Download; The upcoming version gives you all the features for free.


My Notes - Notepad