my work shifts PRO v1.94.2 – Android work shifts timeline application
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Some of us typically work several shifts a week, depending on our needs or job position; Sometimes the multiplicity of these work shifts causes us to lose their account or forget about our time at work. Usually people make plans in their minds that over time become problematic and forget the details of the past, so it is better to use a special tool to organize these shifts. my work shifts PRO is an application and application schedule for managing work shiftsIt is for Android, developed by Christos Themelis and published on Google Play. Create your own business model and make sure you have a complete and professional management on your activity schedule; Unlike other software available in the Android Market, which are very complex, the system designed by the developer in this app is simple and easy for anyone with any level of knowledge to have complete control over their information at any time. If in some cases there are certain changes in your working hours, use the alarms at your disposal so that you do not forget them.

Some features and capabilities of my work shifts PRO Android application:

  • Create or modify existing business days
  • Create working hours of several different days simultaneously
  • Ability to build your own unique work pattern
  • Smart alarm for specific changes in the shift schedule
  • Ability to export and send monthly work plans
  • A handy notepad for adding specific notes to shifts
  • Backup data on cloud servers or SD card
  • Ability to choose the first day of the week
  • Super functional widgets

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my work shifts PRO