Myshatel – Myshatel is an application designed by Shuttle Company for users of Shuttle High Speed ​​Internet Service and allows them to enjoy the services provided on the website on their smartphones and devices. Using this software, you can manage your wifi and ADSL accounts instantly and continuously, and get information about the services in use, as well as past accounts and services. To use this application, you must first enter the username and password of the portal so that you can use its services by logging in to the application. The possibility of general monitoring in the best possible way in a simple and intuitive user environment is included in the heart of this program, so that you can easily control your internet usage. In general, if you are a user of the shuttle company’s internet, we suggest that you install the program right now and manage your account in a friendly environment, and say goodbye by logging in through the shuttle site.

Some features of MyShatel Android application:

  • Ability to monitor and monitor various purchased services such as ADSL, PTP, VoIP, calling card, etc.
  • Ability to receive reports and consumption charts and other useful information about purchased services
  • Ability to pay for services
  • Ability to extend the service without the need for an Internet connection
  • Access and view financial records and reports
  • Has a shuttle dashboard (including membership information, subscription status and date and renewal period)
  • Ability to view online or offline service status in real time
  • Access to daily consumption reports
  • Ability to receive shuttle messages and notifications
  • Ability to view details of Volp reports and profiles and contact card subscribers and contact details records
  • Show Kaspersky Anti-Virus Location
  • Contains message boxes, including sales festivals and other announcements
  • Ability to send urgent requests to the shuttle technical support and sales team directly

MyShatel application has been downloaded +100 thousand times by Android users around the world from Google Play to date, and now Usroid has released the latest version of this program for download at your request. You can download the latest version of the original and package of this popular program with one click from Fars Rovid high-speed servers.