[Naptime – Boost your battery life over 9000% v8.4 [Pro – App to increase the battery life of Nep Time Android
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Different users constantly use their smart devices every day and connect them to their chargers when the device’s battery is running low. It is sometimes observed that some of these people charge the battery several times a day, which indicates a decrease in its capabilities. The high battery consumption of Android smartphones has made Google’s big company in Android Marshmallow a feature called DOZE. This feature intelligently monitors all mobile phone activities and optimizes battery consumption in a special way. But the most important thing is the weakness of this new feature; DOZE mode is activated when your smartphone is in place for more than 30 minutes without any movement. It can be said that DOZE is undoubtedly one of the smartest ideas of Google However, it still has some limitations, which in some cases make the use of battery storage not noticeable! If you also think that the dose capability is not effective, then it is better to go to Nep Time! Naptime – Boost your battery life over 9000% PRO The title of an app is to increase the battery life of Android, developed by Francisco Franco and published on Google Play. This great software can be considered as a driver of the smart doze system; Unlike the default mode, when the Dez system is activated after 30 minutes, this startup forces the smart device to start working only 5 seconds after the smartphone does not move the special doze feature. Aside from the main feature we mentioned, NepTime offers a variety of management options for you dear ones; You will be able to determine which startup will continue to operate even if the desktop mode is enabled in the background. It’s also a good idea to know that if you have access to root, you’ll have access to a variety of options, but this great tool will continue to work if you don’t have access to root.

Naptime - Boost your battery life over 9000% PRO

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