NAU ICONS APEX / NOVA / ADW / HOLA is a new and very beautiful theme with a really beautiful and stylish layout and interface for the Android operating system , the first version of which was put up for sale in the Play Store a few hours ago. As you know, to date, we have put dozens of new and diverse themes with really amazing interfaces for you, all of which were the best and with high scores are among the best and most popular, and today We have put one of the most beautiful Android themes for you, which has beautiful HD icons, real and fantastic wallpapers and easy actions on the phone to give the most beautiful appearance and interface to your smartphone or Bring your Android tablet.

The NAU ICONS APEX / NOVA / ADW / HOLA theme is one of the most popular hosts with a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 and is currently selling on Google Play for $ 1.99 .

Some features of the new NAU ICONS APEX / NOVA / ADW / HOLA Android theme:

* Includes more than 1300 icons in HD quality

* Includes 5 extremely beautiful and stylish wallpapers

* Having completely custom icons with rounded edges

* Easy and fast actions on your Android smartphone or tablet

* Includes 4 very stylish backgrounds with your choice

* Update every one to two weeks and add new icons and wallpapers

The new NAU ICONS APEX / NOVA / ADW / HOLA theme supports all Nova, Action, Apex, ADW, Atom, Holo, Smart, TSF Shell, Go and Next launchers, and today in Usroid , as the first Iranian website, it We put it at your disposal.


Download NAU ICONS APEX / NOVA / ADW / HOLA - New Nay Android theme




Follow the instructions below to place the theme on your mobile in each of the launchers:


ADW Launcher: ADW Settings > Themes > NAU ICONS > Apply

Nova Launcher: Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme > NAU ICONS

Action Launcher: Settings > Display > Icon pack > NAU ICONS

Holo Launcher: Appearance Settings > Icon pack > NAU ICONS

Apex Launcher: Apex settings > Theme settings > NAU ICONS> Apply

Go Launcher EX: Themes > Installed > NAU ICONS> Apply


NAU ICONS APEX / NOVA / ADW / HOLA Android - Android theme


NAU ICONS APEX / NOVA / ADW / HOLA Android - Android theme