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During the day, all Android users check their Android device several times and manage different parts of it, so it can be said that all the steps to enter different parts of the Android phone are done with the navigation bar and you make the most of it. You cut it. The same use makes you tired after a while and looking for a way to change the navigation bar. Navbar Apps Full Unlocked is a special application for personalizing the navigation bar of Android smart devices, published by Damian Piwowarski. This special software with a set of different layers enables you to easily navigate the entire navigation bar.Change the smartphone and customize it to your liking. The first part of personalization is related to the color of the navigation bar; In such a way that all kinds of colors are available to the user and he is allowed to use any of them as he wishes. Also, if the colors are no longer attractive to you, you can use cartoon icons between the Navigation Bar options. Not all of the app’s navigation capabilities are limited to this description! You are allowed to use your navigation bar as a battery percentage indicator; For example, if your battery percentage drops by half, a clear bar will appear in the background of the navigation bar options, warning of low battery. In addition, as we explained, there are two fixed and variable color models in the color change mode of the bar, the use of all of which depends on your taste.


Navbar Apps Full Android


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