Naver Whale Browser v2.1.2.2 – Easy, fast and smart Android browser application
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Browsers are one of the most basic software available on smart devices that, like other applications, evolve over time and provide a variety of features to their users. Apart from the default browsers that smartphone companies are trying to use their own browser, other developers have also tried to offer perfect versions with more features by examining this type of browser. Usroid website, as the best Persian language Android website, has introduced several types of these apps so far, and in this post, we also intend to introduce a new application. Naver Whale Browser is an easy, fast and smart browser developed by NAVER Corp. and published on Google Play. This software with a simple and beautiful user interface provides you with a set of management options as well as applications that you will use to experience fast and perfect web browsing. The main basis of this program is based on principled coding and full use of bandwidth to provide conditions for the application to meet its needs at any time with maximum speed. Apart from the basic features that can be seen in other browsers, we can mention the anti-advertising system used in this startup, which eliminates any inconvenience while browsing the web and saves on consumed data. Save a list of your favorite websites so you can easily access them at any time with just one click.

Some features and capabilities of Naver Whale Browser Android app:

  • Very high speed browsing web pages
  • Use full bandwidth for a flawless browsing
  • Option for quick access to bookmarks list
  • Save your favorite website images to view again
  • Sync data with your other smartphones
  • Block ads for fast and engaging web browsing!
  • Translate pages into your preferred language with a single gesture


Naver Whale Browser application, with the benefit of features and special capabilities for quick browsing, has been able to capture more than thousands of downloads from around the world, which you can now download the latest original version without ads from the large archive. Download Usroid website. This program has been introduced at your request and the latest version is in front of you.


Naver Whale Browser