Navigator PRO v2.98 – Android Smart Router and GPS App
Purchased and Complete Version for $ 6.49

Navigator PROIs the title of a smart router and GPS application developed by COOL APPS for You and published on Google Play. With the advent of smartphones, the lives of all human beings on the planet changed. These smartphones may not have had enough features at first, but over time and with the addition of various features, you will see a strong dependence on them. The importance of these devices is so great that if they are discontinued and serviced for only a few hours, there may be major problems for everyone. One of the main features that these smartphones provide to their users; Online maps are for accurate and flawless routing, which is also very useful in big cities. Large companies like Google offer a variety of tools based on their capabilities, but it is sometimes seen that some startup companies integrate their features based on Google, even beyond the needs of We are moving forward. Navigator PRO software is a great option for a flawless routing anywhere in the world. At the heart of this startup is a variety of features, each of which somehow meets our needs. As is clear from the title and description above; The main feature available is routing; After running the software and turning on the smartphone GPS, your location is fully automatically detected and it is told where you are on the streets. To reach your desired destination, it is enough to specify a place to show the shortest place to your loved ones. Other features that are very useful; Map access is offline! In this case, after the maps are loaded, this data is fully automatically stored in the phone’s memory so that you can call them for later use without the need for the Internet.

Some features and capabilities of Navigator PRO Android application:

  • Show your location on online maps
  • Check the best public transportation routes and the nearest stations according to your location
  • Provide detailed information of all commercial and entertainment centers, gas stations , restaurants and…
  • Mark your favorite locations for faster access
  • Show the closest possible route to your destination
  • Access maps completely offline
  • Provide new routes when making changes to the destination
  • Display speed limits of various roads
  • Search for place names to view them on the map

Navigator PRO application with its various features and capabilities has been released by its developer at a price of $ 6.49 and has received a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who can now download the latest version without any Get some kind of restriction from high speed servers of Farsroid website .


Navigator PRO