Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps v9.13.73 Navitel navigation and GPS application for Android
Full version of the application with access to all features and capabilities

If you are an adventurer and a traveler and you constantly travel to new and unknown places or you have to move constantly between different cities for job purposes and job responsibilities, you must have been looking for a specific address and several hours Just find it and you will not be able to find it in the end. Maps can be very useful in such situations, but maps are generally very old and reading the map while driving is not safe or easy. To solve this problem, you can use GPS applications made for smartphones. Many routing applications have been developed for smartphones, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Today we are at your service with one of the oldest and most experienced routing applications. Navitel Navigator GPS & MapsTitle is one of the best and oldest routing and GPS applications for Android operating system, which was developed by NAVITEL software group and published for free on Google Play. The company has been operating in the field of routing software since 2006 and has always published the best products in this field. The maps in this application include more than 72 countries, including Iran, and with a completely Persian audio guide and menu, it is a great choice for Iranian users.

Some features and capabilities of Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps Android app :

  • Display traffic information of the amount of traffic on the route with the ability to update instantly
  • Ability to communicate with friends and track their location and navigation.
  • Display weather information for the next three days for all parts of the world
  • View road accidents reported by other users
  • Ability to exchange messages with friends and other users
  • Display alerts for speed cameras and speed bumps
  • 3D maps with the ability to display buildings and natural features
  • Calculate multiple routes to select the best and most optimal route
  • Support for the living languages ​​of the world and of course full support for the sweet Persian language
  • A complete audio guide to inform you about the types of events
  • Display time, speed, route length and much more information

Application Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps a professional and highly experienced in the field of navigation and positioning and with experience in many activities with presence in many platforms and has achieved can address the needs of most users. Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times on Google Play and with the satisfaction of Android users, it has been able to receive a score of 3.9 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Dear ones, you can now download the full version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps