NCALC FX 570 ES / VN PLUS v2.3.0 [Premium] – Android scientific calculator application
Premium version worth $ 1.99 Introduced to you dear ones
Introduced for the first time in Iran

Calculators can be considered an integral part of human life that thousands of people use every day and perform their calculations in a short time. As you know, there are different types of calculators, the simplest of which performs four basic mathematical operations, and the most complex of which can perform complex equations, graphs, and calculations. Usroid site, as the top Persian-language Android website and a leader in introducing application apps, has introduced various calculators to you dear ones, and we intend to put one of the most popular ones at your disposal in this post. NCALC FX 570 ES / VN PLUS Full Unlocked as a calculatorIt is scientific and full of features, which was developed for Android by N Studio – Trần Lê Duy and published in the big market of Google Play. Despite this software, you can understand the definition of scientific calculators in a special and professional way! Unlike other similar applications, this powerful calculator does not support linear screens and, unlike them, has a completely natural screen; So that you will be able to add all kinds of equations as you write them on paper and get a logical and correct answer in the shortest possible time. Easily integrate the two functions as much as possible or use different units to perform your calculations.

Some features and capabilities of NCALC FX 570 ES / VN PLUS Android application:

  • Supports various types of complex calculations and equations
  • Automatic calculations and view the answer while typing!
  • Easy cursor movement on different parts of equations
  • Vibration and sound
  • History of calculations
  • Supports both full keyboard and compact keyboard
  • Change the font and its size
  • Ability to change the application theme

Application NCALC FX 570 ES / VN PLUS has managed to be one of the most complete application in the field of computing Rating 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version of the Premium program Get Usroid high speed servers .

Changes in version v2.3.0:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes + new features