Need A Hero v2.6.977.2 + Mod – Extraordinary game “Need a Hero” Android + Trailer
Normal version + Mod version with unlimited money individually
tested with offline performance

Need A Hero A popular and entertaining Match-3 puzzle game with over 5 million downloads from Google Play from Game Insight Studio for Android devicesWhich is available for free in the Play Store. In this game, you appear in the role of a hero who has to go through hundreds of different stages to save the prince’s life! By advancing each stage of the game you will destroy the enemies one after the other! How to play is that you have to start from the same item and continue the items as much as possible to remove them, and seeing the screenshots of the game will be clearer to you. The game includes two offline and online modes, and if you are a fan of triple puzzle games, you will undoubtedly disappear from the wonderful and unique design like Need A Hero! If you know that you can save the beautiful princess of the game story, download the latest version of the game right now and start your mission to reach the main goal!


Download Need A Hero - a great and popular puzzle game for Android + mod


Game Need A Hero now in the Play Store has a rating of 5.0, 4.4 and all users who have downloaded it on good reviews have mentioned it! If we want to mention the features of the game, we can mention different types of bonuses for collecting, stunning graphics and great soundtrack, a lot of powerful magic to use against monsters, different types of monsters with special abilities, the possibility of racing With friends all over the world and being completely free. The game has been tested by us and has been run offline, and you can first view the images and trailer of it and download it for free if you wish.

Changes in version v2.6.977.2:

* New features + various optimizations.