Download NEED FOR SPEED ™ Shift v2.0.8 Android game + data + trailer (cracked and completely offline!)

NEED FOR SPEED ™ Shift in Persian (Speed ​​Madness of Change) Another of the most graphic and exciting car and racing games from EA Games for Android operating systemIs with which you can ride on different types of cars and race at high speeds! As you can see, the Need for Speed ​​series of games has long been one of the most popular and noisy racing and racing games, and every year EA Games releases a new version of it, versions that have been Released today include Yogurt Wand, Under Cover and more! If you want to experience a hard battle to win first place on your tablet or smartphone, do not miss the game NEED FOR SPEED ™ Shift! Starting the game, like other racing style games, starts with a simple car and on a simple track with several competitors, which makes the start of the game so simple and repetitive. But there is no denying that playing with any kind of car in the NFS series is really exciting!You have experienced games of this style, but as you go and get new cars, you will see that no, the game is very exciting and varied, and it has come to experience the best and most wonderful machine game on your mobile phone. Bring it!

Some features of NEED FOR SPEED ™ Android game:

  • Car ride in 18 amazing and diverse places including Chicago, London and Tokyo
  • The squeaking sound of tires , car exhaust and the sound of amazing collisions for a real thrilling experience
  • Real day and night changes to make games and tournaments more realistic
  • Ability to customize and upgrade your car by changing rims, colors, etc.
  • Being a variety of different tournament modes to choose from by the user and the player
  • Ability to control the car via touch buttons or accelerometer!
  • Having stunning HD graphics with exciting sound

Game NEED FOR SPEED ™ Shift is now in the Android Market at a price of $ 2.99 on sales is that we are in Usroid latest version of it to put you that we can use to continue the trailer of the game to see And get it with one click if you want. Finally, it is mentioned that because the game is old, it may not be compatible with new Android and devices!


Download NEED FOR SPEED ™ Shift - Android game speed change madness + data



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download the apk file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.eamobile.nfsshift _ row_wf folder to the Android / obb path.

– You run the game offline.


Download NEED FOR SPEED™ Shift Android Apk + Obb - New FREE