Neshan v10.6.0 – Advanced Iranian router and locator application for Android
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You may also not be able to find your destination for various reasons, including travel and unfamiliarity. In such cases, different options in front of you, using a map or asking the natives are the first options that come to everyone’s mind. But today, with smartphones and their access to GPS, you no longer need to do this and you can easily find any address without the need for help from anyone. There are several applications for navigation and location on smartphones, Wise and Google Maps are among the best and most well-known of these applications. But if you are a user of these applications, you must have noticed the shortcomings in them that if they were fixed, they could provide better services to Iranian users. One of these shortcomings is the incomplete updating of the map and the non-observance of Iranian traffic laws in these applications. Many teams and companies in Iran have tried to provide a completely Iranian application that can provide services for Iranian users and does not have the problems of foreign programs. Most of these attempts have not been successful and have not been able to keep Iranian users satisfied, but recently an app has been released that can change this situation. Neshan is a Persian-speaking map and navigation application with live traffic display for the Android operating system, which was developed by the Rajman Information Structures Software Group and published for free on Google Play. Unlike competitors, the Badge app does not use Google Maps and prefers not to rely on Google to update information by customizing OSM open-source maps. This issue has also become a turning point for the logo to provide the user with capabilities with more open hands that other Iranian products could not. Displaying the range of “traffic plan” and “couple and individual plan” and setting up routing with them is one of these features.

Some features and capabilities of Neshan Android application:

  • Persian map of all of Iran
  • Voice search capability
  • Search for popular places near you
  • Most details in the names of the passages of Iranian cities
  • Report map bugs
  • Location sharing
  • Record personal locations for fast routing
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional display of the map
  • Show map in two modes, night and day
  • Routing according to the online traffic of the passages and finding the fastest route
  • Speed ​​cameras and approaching alerts
  • Show speed limit and speed limit alert
  • Find public places around you
  • Routing taking into account instantaneous traffic and distance
  • Traffic plan and even and odd plan for not routing from within the plan
  • Nationwide routing
  • Routing according to the shortest distance from the origin to the destination
  • Estimate the approximate time of arrival
  • Calculate the distance to the destination
  • Ability to report accidents, cameras and traffic


Neshan application is a very advanced router program with full features that are completely produced by Iranian engineers and for Iranian users. Neshan has received an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users with the satisfaction of Android users. Now you can download the original, official and ad-free version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Changes in version v10.6.0:

* We have added a layer of air pollution for Tehran and Mashhad and we will try to cover more cities soon.
* We added a routing button to the map so you can more easily find the origin and destination
* Change and check directions.
* Where are the problems regarding the section ?! We solved the information you provided.