Network Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.266 – Android Network Connection Monitoring App
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One of the best ways to manage Internet usage is through smart monitoring applications that provide users with a wide variety of information about network connections. Network Monitor Mini Pro is an application for easy monitoring and management of network connections on Android devicesDeveloped and published by KF Software House. One of the best features of this small and simple monitoring is its support for live display of network information; So that at any time you can quickly access the download and upload with the desired parameter and view it on the screen of your smartphone. After running, all applications installed on smart devices are monitored and the connection report of each program is provided to users, which makes it easy to be aware of the existence of spyware and their existence. Or notice malicious internet connections. The traffic consumed by each application is available completely separately, and by looking at the information, one can understand the most consumed applications available on the Android phone. Also, the existing personalization system has made it possible to filter all the information received on the screen to your liking and receive only the information you want. All the available features of Mini Network Monitoring are available in the simplest possible way, and even the most novice Android users will be able to use them easily. Just install the program and leave everything to it to gain a new experience in connection management.


Network Monitor Mini Pro


Application Network Monitor Mini Pro with support from customization, as well as their ability to control network connections has $ 0.99 Self- rating: 4.7 of 5.0 by users Play Store acquired can now use the newest version purchased Download for free from Usroid site.