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Having a beautiful body not only boosts self-confidence but also helps you to have a healthy and disease-free body. As you know, reducing body fat levels with regular exercise is one of the main factors in increasing the level of the immune system. With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the closure of sports clubs around the world, many people were having problems not being able to follow their sports programs. But it should be noted that such problems should never stop our efforts. To have an effective workout, you do not necessarily need special sports equipment, and without access to them, you will be able to have a beautiful and fat-free body. Next: workouts at home is the Next Home Sports App, developed by Ihor Voitenko and published on Google Play. The set of facilities and exercises available in this software will help you dear ones to reach your ideal body without going to clubs and with only a little time at home. There are hundreds of different exercises in the database, each of which specifically affects muscle groups. All of these exercises are categorized according to the muscle groups and you will be able to refer to each of them according to your goals. Each of these exercises includes an instructional video that allows you to perform the exercises in the most correct way possible and without the slightest error. The intelligent system, according to the amount of your progress, increases the difficulty of the exercises more and more and accompanies you to professional levels and reaching your muscular body. All you have to do is spend 15 to 40 minutes of your time each day doing these exercises and reach your goals at no cost. Along with all the mentioned features, you have a recipe for 35 diet foods that will help you have and follow your own lifestyle. In the end, it should be said that with this software, your own gym is everywhere in the world!

Some features and capabilities of the Next: workouts at home Android application:

  • A variety of exercise exercises to reduce body fat and increase muscle
  • Categorize all available exercises based on muscle groups
  • Accompany all these exercises with their own instructional videos
  • Dozens of different tips to increase the efficiency of your workouts
  • Increase the difficulty of the exercises over time and according to the user’s progress
  • No need for any special sports equipment
  • More than 35 recipes for great lifestyle
  • Only 15 to 45 minutes each day to achieve the ideal body

Application Next: workouts at home with the benefit of facilities and sets its own capabilities by Developer her for free with a paying interstitial 22.99 dollars released and managed to score 4.1 out of 5.0 by users, Google receives now You can download the latest unlocked version from Usroid website .


Next: workouts at home