Night club strobe light flash v1.1.6 [Pro] – Interesting light dance app for Android
Professional and full version of the program worth $ 2.99
Introduced for the first time in Iran

No doubt you have heard the word light dance too! A set of lighting for celebrations and nightclubs that increase the adrenaline and charm of the party environment. Users usually use special tools to have a suitable light dance in their ceremonies, which in some cases is very expensive. But it is better not to spend your money anymore to buy or rent such devices and join us in this post. Night club strobe light flash ProIs the title of an interesting and smart light dance program for Android, which was developed by Softtechvn Co., Ltd and published in the big Google Play market. At first glance, you may think of the name of this program as a dull and monotonous app, and it is better to go back to the same dance of physical light; But first, first install Nightclub and then judge it. One of the best features in this software that excites all its users is the display of lights based on the music being played; The smart system included in this program analyzes all the surrounding sounds and music being played and then performs a specific rhythm by the camera flash. Also, while flashing your screen, it performs different color modes and gives you a new and incredible experience.




Application Night club strobe light flash has a feature unique and scarce able to pay in-network $ 2.99 Self- rated 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of its professional from links Get it directly from Usroid site; Our version includes all the features and you can use them without time limit.

Version v1.1.6 changes:

* Play music on the device or over the Internet
* Fixed application problems