The best video recording software for Android screen with support for sweet Persian language
without the need for root and can be installed on Android +5
requested by users

NLL Screen Recorder PRO is one of the best and most useful screen video software without the need for rooting for Android devices.This allows you to record video from your Android device’s screen and finally save it in memory! One of the most requested Android applications is the same video recording software without the need for root for Android devices, and we receive many requests in this regard on a daily basis. Today, we are going to introduce one of the best screen video recording software, which, with its very simple and beautiful user interface and support for the sweet Persian language, can be a good option for those of you who are looking for a screen recording program! This software gives you the ability to film the game environment and programs and wherever you like on your phone! There are also various settings for determining the quality, delay recording, endowment when the screen is turned off, vibration stop, touch indicator, program reduction, etc. You can enable / disable the desired stitches. You can also use the program’s drawer feature to write handwritten text on the screen and enjoy having one of the best screen recording software!

Some features and capabilities of NLL Screen Recorder PRO Android application:

  • Very simple and beautiful user interface – without any ambiguity
  • Save the recorded videos in the gallery of the device
  • Delay option in video recording from 0 to 20 seconds to select
  • Ability to stop video recording by shaking or turning off the phone screen
  • The option to display the touch screen index when shooting
  • Ability to determine the quality and resolution of the screen
  • Option to select the number of commands and recording quality by users
  • An option to capture your face while filming the screen
  • Having an internal player to play recorded videos
  • Support for the world’s living languages, including the sweet Persian language

The NLL Screen Recorder PRO app has now had more than 50 million downloads in the Play Store and is one of the most popular. Now, the complete and paid version of this software, which does not require any license, has been installed for you, which will be installed and run on all Android +5 devices! This software has been introduced at the request of dear Usroid users and has shown itself to be excellent in our test and without any problems!

V11.2 version changes:

* Added support for Android 9.


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