Noa: Listen to news, without the noise v4.3.0  – The program to hear the main news by voice for Android
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News is very important in our lives and awareness of news informs us of our surroundings and prepares us for future consequences. Over time, different ways of broadcasting and accessing news have emerged: newspapers, ‌ radio, television, ‌ websites, and…. Examples are attempts to spread the news widely. Today, however, news agencies and news broadcasts have become a very lucrative business, which is why the importance of news is determined by the number of readers it can attract, and more yellow and unimportant news is available than real news. In addition, due to the busyness of people in the present age, no one has time to follow the news, and this high percentage of people are unaware of the news that directly affects their lives. Noa: Listen to news, without the noise FullTitle is an application for hearing really important news in audio form on Android, which was developed by NOA News Ltd software group for Android devices and published for free on Google Play. This application reads the most important news and articles to you by voice and according to the articles and topics that you are interested in, روز offers you the news and articles that you may be interested in on a daily basis. Gives. This program includes articles and news from The New York Times, Financial Times, Washington Post, The Telegraph, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, and more.

Some features and capabilities of Noa app : Listen to news, without the noise Android :

  • Complete audio guide for step-by-step instruction on using the app
  • Suitable for language learners and students
  • Contains articles and news in various fields of politics, economics, ‌ investment and….
  • Ability to maintain the position of the article and return to that point
  • Provide related articles in the form of serial packages and broadcast them one after the other
  • Ability to fully customize news feeds according to the user’s tastes and interests
  • Ability to download and use news offline in the form of audio WiFi
  • Ability to create playlists to play burst news
  • Ability to search for articles by words and publication name

Application Noa: Listen to news, without the noise a very functional for all those who are interested in news and articles in journals, but they do not have enough time to find and read. This program is very useful for English listening skills and helps learners to learn specialized words and terms. Noa: Listen to news, without the noise With the satisfaction of users, it has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. To use this application, you must purchase a subscription, but you, dear ones, can download the version of this program, along with all the accesses and facilities, from Usroid for free, without any need to purchase a subscription, and access the latest world news.


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