Node Video – Pro Video Editor 5.3.0 – An amazing video editing app for Android
Unlocked version with all premium features available
Lifetime Subscription Unlock

Node Video – Pro Video Editor is a professional and powerful video editor from Shallway Studio programming studio for Android, which has been released for free on Google Play Store with in-app purchases and now the latest unlocked and complete version is available for free in Usroid. The Node Video application is a VFX editor. This program is one of the most powerful video editing applications for mobile phones. With the revolutionary features of this program, you can create unique effects. Almost every feature you want from a video editing application can be found in this program. The Node Video development team has even gone beyond the usual demands and added features to this application that you would not expect. This program offers attractive features for free to its users; These features include things like (Curve Editing, PenTool, Optical Flow Blending, Saber Effect, Puppet Pin, Motion Tracking and …). There are no ads and no need for the internet. 90% of the features offered in Node Video are free and offline. Also, in the field of personal information security, it should be said that this program does not collect any personal information.

Some of the features and specifications of Node Video – Pro Video Editor for Android:

  • Extremely powerful and flexible
  • Layers and groups without borders
  • Precise video editing
  • Very fast rendering
  • Various editing tools
  • Revolutionary sound reactor: bring sound to life virtually in any way you want. Each effect is controllable by a specific range.
  • Artificial intelligence-based feature: automatic separation of humans and backgrounds in real-time.
  • 3D rendering: convert videos and images into 3D models.
  • Professional effects: get professional effects regularly only for pro users.

Node Video – Pro Video Editor is an extraordinary video editor that allows you to easily adjust the existing colors in your videos. With this program, you can change the color of your videos according to your preferences and improve the quality of your work. Effects can be crucial in the world of film editing and play an important role in creating professional videos. With access to dozens of extraordinary effects such as Blend Mode, Motion Blur, Luma Fade, Lens Flare, Fractal Noise, Time Remap, Basic Color Correction, Emboss, Color Gradient, Shift Channels, Invert, Camera Lens Blur, Gaussian Blur, Cross Blur, Directional Blur, Radial Blur, Glow, Motion Tile, Mosaic, Find Edges, Vignette, Displacement Map, Mirror, Lens Distortion, Polar Coordinates, Clipping Mask, Human Matting, Shape Mask, RGB Curve, HSL Curve, Color Wheel, Sketch, Old Movie, Manga, Cartoon, you can create masterpiece videos! If you are looking for a professional video editing program with a set of extraordinary features and effects, without a doubt, Node Video – Pro Video Editor will be the best choice. Usroid, as the most up-to-date Android reference in Iran, has provided the latest full version of this program for free download.