Nom Plant v1.4.6 + Mod – Arcade and recreational game “Hungry Plant” for Android + Trailer
Ordinary version + Mod version (Unlimited Money) tested separately
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Nom Plant – The Hungry Plant is the name of a beautiful and creative game from the famous and well-known Dutch studio Lucky Kat Studios, the creator of popular works such as  Kaiju Rush , Cure Hunters , Road Warriors or Trigger HeroesIt has been developed completely free of charge with in-app payment capability and has been released for the Android operating system on Google Play. Nom Plant has a simple but super fun idea that is combined with a unique and fancy design and attractive and lovable gameplay to make the end result of a very well-crafted and beautiful game. In this game, which is based on breaking records and recording better records, you have to help a plant that grows and grows bigger and bigger by eating coins and other items! To do this, the plant moves from the bottom to the top, and along the way it should eat the main items and points. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Your job is to put your finger on the screen and shake it around. When you move your finger in any direction, the plant will lean in that direction. In the same way, you should try to guide the plant in the path and pass through the obstacles. Along the way there are many things to prevent the plant from moving, such as deadly razors or large pieces of rock. You should try to pass this plant between us with these obstacles with a quick reaction and also follow and collect the game items.


Plant name


Beautiful game Nom PlantIt’s a fantasy and record-breaking title, and as mentioned, the main criterion in it is to record better records. But after playing for a while, the game’s difficult conditions gradually appear and its gameplay changes from a fun and arcade mode to a challenging and difficult game! In Nom Plant, you can collect money and coins in the middle of the road and unlock new characters (plants) with the obtained money. There are dozens of funny and interesting models of plants in this game, each of which you can unlock and buy with money and points. Nom Plant is great in terms of graphics, and its detailed and HD designs will look great at first glance! Cartoon and fantasy and very colorful designs of this game can be very attractive and lovable for children, but this does not mean that the game of hungry plant is a game for children! The fantasy look of this game may look like this, but its challenging and competitive gameplay will certainly not be like this. How long do you think you can last in this game? What do you think you can score? If you are looking for a small, attractive, fun and entertaining game and at the same time you want to experience an interesting challenge, don’t miss Nom Plant. The latest update of this game along with its modded version is now from fast serversUsroid are ready to download. We also recommend that you take a look at the video of the game trailer before downloading to get acquainted with the general way of the game. Nom Plant has more than 1 million downloads and its current score is 4.2 out of 5.0 .

Changes to version v1.4.6:

* Remove bugs