Nonstop Knight v2.19.0 + Mod – Popular and beautiful game of uninterrupted knight Android + trailer of
normal version + mod version (unlimited gold + unlock) individually
tested with offline performance

Nonstop Knight – Knight is a popular and entertaining game in the style of role-playing games from flare games studio for Android devices , which has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users around the world and has been able to score excellent points. 4.6 out of 5.0Earn! Nonstop Knight tells the story of a knight who has to fight enemies in black holes. In the game, you have no control over the movement of the main character and he moves himself; That’s why you can see the name of this title “Nonstop” first! The interesting thing is that the knight himself hits the enemies; However, what should we do ?! The main tasks of the player in Nonstop Knight are divided into two parts: The first part is the powers that are at the bottom of the touch screen! In general, you can choose three of your abilities and use them when fighting! The second part is dedicated to upgrading the character and weapons, which will gain experience with further progress in the game and the destruction of enemies, and new powers will be released. You can also have weapons ,Upgrade your hat or cape to your liking. The stages of the game are such that in each stage you have to destroy waves of enemies to get to a boss in the end!




In the game Nonstop KnightBy killing each boss, a box is given to the player and by opening it, new equipment is released. So you have the ability to change your equipment. Like similar effects, when you exit Nonstop Knight, the game continues to flow, and when you return, you can collect coins earned during this time. From a graphic and musical point of view, Nonstop Knight is a respectable title. The pieces used in the game are not unlike Clash Royale, they are beautiful and the player can easily enjoy them; But unfortunately, the environment and characters do not follow this procedure and after a while, it takes on a repetitive color and smell, however, the good artistic design of the game can slightly cover the problem we mentioned!I saw that they had received the game , I changed my mind and introduced it immediately! You also install and run this beautiful game and express your opinion about it in the comments!

Changes in version v2.19.0:

* Game optimizations and fixes + new features.