North vs South in Persian (North vs. South) is one of the most popular and exciting action and strategy games that has been released for iPhone and Android. This game, which is a combination of the famous Age of Empires and the Oregon games, brings the best war game experience to your smartphone. In this game, a huge war has taken place between the North and South Empires, and you must go to war by preparing your forces and defeat the enemies by using powerful weapons and professional strategies.

Your goal in this game is to conquer American lands and by fighting you can gradually expand your empire and become powerful. Features of the game include the following:

* War in different and real environments

* Having multiple weapons to use in battle

* All kinds of soldiers and insiders to send to war

* Complete control over the empire

* Having great graphics

The action game North vs South , due to its excellent graphics and sound, comes with a data file that you must download in addition to the apk file.

Join us to view the installation tutorial and pictures of the North vs South game environment….

Total game size: 181 MB – Game price: $ 2.25 – Prerequisite: Android 2.0.1


Download North vs South - your strategy game against South Android + data




Download North vs South game data file with a size of 172 MB

Data code:


How to install the game:

Step 1: Download and install the apk file from below

Second, the data file to download it from decompress, folder in the path of Android / obb copy of your SD card.

Step 3: Run the game


Download North vs South Android + OBB