Installing a security program on mobile phones is necessary and inevitable, and every user must install at least one antivirus and security program on their system to prevent the disclosure of privacy and personal information, and that To protect against spam and viruses. There are various security applications for Android, each with its own characteristics, and to date we have introduced many of them to you, and today we intend to introduce software called Norton Spot ad detector , which is a product It is from the famous Norton company and with it you can give absolute security to your smartphone.

This software provides features that fully protect your privacy and is comfortable with the disclosure of personal information by reviewing each installed program and full control of the phone! There are various advertising tools that give the hacker complete control of the phone and can do whatever he wants on your phone, one of these tools are mad ware that allows the hacker to do things like collecting contact numbers دریافت Receive location information , display ads in the load menu and بر on your mobile! Norton Spot ad detector program with its high power prevents these spam in the best possible way.

Due to the high quality and power of the above program , we recommend it to all of you, and installing it on your Android smartphone, you can take a step in the field of security of your smartphone and protect your Android against viruses, trojans and Secure theft.

Norton Spot ad detector, like other Norton applications, is completely free and you can download the latest version from Usroid for your phone.


Download Norton Spot ad detector - Android security enhancement program