[Note: Color Notepad Notes, To Do List, Reminder, Memo v1.5.2 [VIP – colored feather Android app
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Notebooks are always an integral part of human life in which we write down our important and necessary activities so that we never forget them. Usroid site has so far tried to introduce note-taking apps, in addition to helping the environment, provide you with your notes at any time and place and show an overview of them. Note: Color Notepad Notes, To Do List, Reminder, Memo VIP is a color note-taking software developed by Lemon, Inc. for Android.Developed and published in the big Google Play Market. As easily as you can, like sticky notebooks, access colored pages and write or copy your important content; Unlike many similar programs, creating text is not time consuming and is only possible in a few seconds. As is clear from the title of the article, Chroma Note (another name for the program) is also known as a reminder and a professional checklist so that you can mark your essential tasks on time and without any forgetfulness . No internet access is required to use this app and the privacy of the users is very important.

Some features and capabilities of Note: Color Notepad Notes, To Do List, Reminder, Memo Android app:

  • Create and organize your notes on coloring pages
  • Create notes in a very short time and in just a few seconds
  • Professional checklist to view essential activities every day
  • Functional widgets for accessing notes and checklists
  • No need for any internet access to use the app
  • Protect users’ privacy with a template
  • Activity reminder system by notifications

Application Note: Color Notepad Notes, To Do List, Reminder, Memo supports the collection features unique by the developer himself free with in-network $ 19.99 has been released, can now use the newest version Get VIP without any restrictions from Usroid site.


Note: Color Notepad Notes,To Do List,Reminder,Memo Vip