Notebooks Pro is a smart, powerful and popular notebook for Android operating system , which you can use to write anything you want on your smartphone in your own handwriting, and with its unique features, it will bring the best notebook on your mobile phone. bring. With this program, you can create unlimited notebooks and insert various notes such as dates of birth, personal phone numbers and personal texts on them. ProgramThe above is designed with high flexibility and ease of use, and by providing various tools such as different colors of text, writing text by hand or keyboard, etc., can eliminate the need for you to have the most complete notebook! A wide range of special features are included in the heart of this app, with the help of which you can bring a different experience of notebook apps on your tablet or Android phone! DroidVeda LLP Studio has released the upcoming program for money on Google Play, and now the purchased full version is in front of you!

Some features and capabilities of Notebooks Pro Android application:

  • Ability to create multiple notebooks without any restrictions
  • Ability to insert the desired title for each notebook created
  • Ability to insert page number, page style and… for each notebook
  • Ability to password protect notebooks to prevent other users from accessing them
  • Ability to attach video files to notebooks
  • Ability to insert fully custom fonts for any notebook
  • Ability to choose stylish and very beautiful themes for any notebook
  • Ability to save all notes to a PDF file
  • Provide text tools including bold, italics and…
  • Ability to intelligently search among created notebooks
  • Having a user-friendly and very beautiful and classic user environment

The extremely powerful Notebooks Pro notebook is currently on sale in the Play Store for $ 1.99 , and Usroid, as always, offers a paid version for free. In our paid version, all the features are available for free and you can use them without any time limit and enjoy having a professional notebook.


Notebooks Pro